l-o-l-a (rocker007) wrote,


1. i miss you. i miss you i miss you, but you don't deserve to be missed. we promised we'd keep in touch this year, and we didn't. at all. we talked, like, twice. but you kept in touch with people who weren't as close to you as me. so, i miss you, but i'm glad you weren't here.
2. we're tight. sometimes too tight, sometimes not tight enough. i'm glad you trust me, but you overplay the drama in some things. you need to loosen up and go with the flow.
3. i don't understand how we drifted apart. we were so fucking close then someone else came, and i guess they're better then me, or more like you. i've told you how i'm not a fan of the new you: you're more distant, and care less about others and more about yourself. but i guess that's what happens.
4. i like you, in the most neutral sense of the word. i want to BE you. and, you know, i'm just so jealous of your lifestyle. we could switch lives, i'm sure no one would notice.
[please don't try and guess who i'm talking about. this is a 'clear my head of thoughts of school' thing]
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