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te digo que romeo y julieta

LJ Interests meme results

  1. broken equipment:
    beck-hell yes.
  2. everything is illuminated:
    what a good book. i mean, i just LOVED IT. and then i went to the ukraine last summer, and i went to odessa, and i had my own little adventure with a young tour guide who spoke broken english...pretty much best week of my life.
  3. grey's anatomy:
    oh, grey's. it keeps me up sunday nights, and my mom ALWAYS yells at me about it. but now it's on thursdays, so word. plus, dr. mc dreamy is SO worth being tired monday mornings.
  4. jews:
    well. that's a story all of it's self. let's just say i had an idenity crisis at the age of 6, and it never quite solved itself.
  5. lost:
    i'm in an on-again off-again relationship with lost. i watch it, but the plot is getting too thick, and i think that the show needs to end soon or people (like me) will get lost in the many mysteries and drop it.
  6. movies:
    uh...movies are my life.
  7. pigtails:
    i look cute in them. everyone looks cute in them.
  8. robert-pattinson's-seedy-opium-den-of-doom:
    HAHAHAHAHAHA good times.
  9. sports:
    06 world cup, bitches. come on. it's far superior to baseball.
  10. the real world:
    ok, so secretly i want to be on this show. i'd be the feisty latina. and i know people are like "why the hell do you want to be on the real world?" and i don't really know. i think it would be fun.

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p.s. i'm in three (one. two. three.) facebook groups about teachers. um...i'm so sketchy.
and i just realized you status shows up on the bottom of the window! like, in the window part...wack.
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