l-o-l-a (rocker007) wrote,

ballerina, you must have seen her

ugh. i just saw the davinci code.
it was ok. not nearly as...fast paced? as the book. even though the book is like "then he walked into the room. then he sat down" the movie is like a fucking snail.
cause it's slow.
mmm. i just am not a fan of people making movies out of books.
it kind of kills the whole purpose of books, right?
i mean, books are made for us to use our imagination and picture what we read in our heads. if we're seeing it on a screen it's like...uh...well, thanks for that.

also, i bought a dress today for tomorrow, and i think i'm going to wear it, tuck in the tag and return it.
i like the dress, but i have more sweet 16s to go to, and i need to get a new dress each time?
save money fool!
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