l-o-l-a (rocker007) wrote,

wings aka blang blang blang blaang (p.s. emma this icon is for you)

so i just saw brokeback mountain.
cause i OWN it.
[like it's never been ownd before]

ha, but really.
yesterday/today was fun.
and it doesn't compare to last year [let's talk about drunken conversations with m.g. right here] it was still good because i think i'm starting to figure out who i am.
like, ew. i'm lame. what a lame revalation.
but yes. i came to the conclusion 1. i don't need to be drunk to have fun 2. my tolerance has shot up like a rocket 3. i really don't like vowels

i feel like showering because my hair is in this bizzare shape that defies gravity.

mmm, oh SPARKNOTES how thou dost plague me with thine random as shite questions.
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